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Rebel Wilson Says Video Of Her With Sacha Baron Cohen Has Been Edited


The feud between Rebel Wilson and her former co-star Sacha Baron Cohen has escalated, with both actors accusing the other of making false claims.

Wilson previously named the Borat star as the actor whom she accuses in her forthcoming memoir of behaving like “an a**hole” on a movie set. The pair appeared together in the 2016 movie The Brothers Grimsby.

An extract from the book reveals Wilson accusing Cohen of sexually harassing her, asking her to stick her finger up his behind for a scene, something she refused to do.

Friday saw a video published in the Daily Mail, showing the pair blocking out the scene, with Wilson apparently in agreement with Cohen’s request. The video, filmed on mobile phone at the closed set, also shows the pair kissing as part of the scene.

The Australian actress can be heard telling Cohen, “I’ll do a slap [of your butt] and I’ll do a — going down the crack.”

Cohen can be heard replying, “It’s almost as if you’re going to ram your fingers inside,” and Wilson replies, “Yeah.”

Wilson responded to the video being published, giving a statement to the Daily Mail in which she said the video had been edited and shared out of context.

“It is an a**hole move to release footage of one part of that disgusting episode while leaving out everything that preceded it including my horrified refusal to stick my finger up SBC’s butt,” she said.

She continued, “This could not have possibly been for the film as the director Louis Leterrier was not even present. What this edited video shows is what I had to do in order to get out of the room, as written in Rebel Rising. Releasing unauthorised and misleading behind the scenes video without my approval is SBC’s latest way of bullying and gaslighting me.”

A spokesperson for Cohen previously denied Wilson’s claims in a statement to Decider.

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