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About Us

We are a group of passionate science professionals, inspired by magical discoveries of sciences. We believe, exploring sustainable science in a divergent way is the ultimate path to create a beautiful world.

A philosopher’s innovation is definitely the first criteria, but the ultimate success in research comes through a great group effort, that includes sharing knowledge and expertise, collaborations, and more.

Delightfully, we could spread our helping hands to the entire scientific community by sharing knowledge through an engaging science magazine and providing high-quality scientific services based on our area of expertise.

Struggling to summarize your research?

We can create a complete manuscript based on your valuable research work

Our Scientific Services

Editing Research Manuscripts

International journals often refuse to publish due to poor English. We strongly believe language issues should not be a barrier in publishing quality research works. Our experts can edit your research manuscript in the best possible way.

Synnbiob scientific writing

Scientific Writing

If you are struggling to summarize your valuable research work, don't be worried. We can create error-free quality research papers from your provided data.

Synnbiob project

Project Building

Writing a research project is an art. If you have innovative ideas, but struggling to summarize them, we can help you out.

Synnbiob - structure determination

Structure Determination

In synthetic chemistry laboratories, thousands of unexpected compounds form every day. If you are struggling to determine their structure or if you don't have enough time to analyze, don't put them in the waste bin. We can help you to determine the structure.

Synnbiob NMR

NMR Annotation

Working with a series of known compounds. If you don't have enough time or sufficient hands to annotate NMRs send us the fid. We can annotate it perfectly.

Synnbiob consultancy

Scientific Consultancy

Looking to derive a new compound but struggling to scheme it out? We can help you. Also, if you get stuck in the middle contact us, we'll provide you consultancy.

LANGUAGE ISSUE? Journals are Refusing?

Let us help you to edit your research manuscript perfectly

Synnbiob our team

Our Team

All our team members are passionate about the progress of science and encouraged by the amazing scientific discoveries.

We work in specific areas of science in a very focused and determined way. Limited but very expert scientific professionals including researchers, doctorates, scientists, and teachers are associated with us.

Need help to determine A new Compound?

We can determination stuctures for new compounds & NMR annotation for known ones


Following are the most common queries we receive. If you got some othe query please contact us.

It varies with the corresponding service. Please visit our service page and choose the service you need. Everything is written there in detail. We recommend providing the complete documents so that we can analyze the best way.

Again, it depends on the service-type.

In general, except for writing service we deliver within 1-4 days depending on the size of job. Writting research manuscript or reviews needs a longer time (depend on word count).

In case we are overloaded we inform you before receiving the job.

Absolutely safe. You don’t need to worry about it. We are very sincere about this particular matter. We respect the hardwork of researchers because we know how valuable a research works is. 

If you are still in doubt, just send us your NDA (Non disclosure Agreement), Our MD will read and sign it, and send you the scan copy. 

Sure. If you are not satisfied with the delivery, please let us know where do you need revisions exactly. We shall revise the job accordingly.

You are requested to provide MS word document of your manuscript. We shall edit the manuscript in track changing mode.

Worried about a new scheme? Poor Yield?

Let us help you, some fruitful suggestions may solve the issues

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