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A Buzzy Korean Horror Movie Is Sneakily One Of The Biggest Box Office Hits Of 2024


Looking at the slightly larger picture, “Exhuma” is now the 12th biggest movie worldwide released so far in 2024, with a global total of $75 million. It sits just below director Matthew Vaughn’s very expensive spy movie “Argylle” ($95.8 million), released by Apple. As the film continues its run in South Korea and expands throughout the rest of the world, it has a real shot at crossing the $100 million mark, which would put it above Sony’s Marvel Comics adaptation “Madame Web” ($97.6 million) as well.

“Exhuma” is currently playing in the U.S. and several other countries, including New Zealand and the U.K. For what it’s worth, the thriller did quite well for itself (relatively speaking) this past weekend in North America, taking in $489,761 on just 67 screens, giving it a stellar $7,310 per screen average, indicating that the buzz for this one is building even outside of its native country. As we’ve seen in the past with movies like Best Picture winner “Parasite,” American audiences will show up for the right Korean import. “Parasite” ended up pulling in a very impressive $53.3 million in the States back in 2019, en route to $258 million worldwide. 

Whether or not “Exhuma” manages to break through the same way remains to be seen. Even if it doesn’t, we’re talking about an original movie that is making very good money and generating a lot of buzz. So far as the health of the global theatrical marketplace is concerned, that’s excellent news. In a down year, success stories such as this are more than welcome.

“Exhuma” is in theaters now.

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