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William Fichtner, Emily Hall And Caroline Concannon For Indie Film ‘Cutman’


William Fichtner, Emily Hall and Caroline Concannon have joined the cast of the Michael Mailer Films and Tremendous Entertainment film Cutman.

The film is helmed by producer-director/co-writer Michael Mailer (Blind, Heart of Champions).

Cutman delves into the underworld of a retired boxer, played by Fichtner, who grapples with a terminal illness while reluctantly serving as an enforcer for low-level mobsters. Haunted by the memory of his deceased cutman, he suffers until a chance encounter with a troubled junkie, played by Emily Hall, and her daughter, played by Caroline Concannon. He’s then embarks on a journey of redemption and retribution.

Production just wrapped in Buffalo, New York. Mailer, Scott Kluge, Alessandro Penazzi and Jennifer Gelfer produce.

Fichtner is known for roles in Armageddon, Crash, Black Hawk Down and The Dark Knight, and on the TV series Prison Break. Fichtner was most recently seen starring opposite Milo Ventimiglia, Catherine Haena Kim and Sarah Wayne Callies on ABC’s The Company You Keep.

Emily Hall was previously in Animal Kingdom for TNT and Leverage: Redemption for Amazon/Freevee.

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