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Why You’ll Likely Never See Jason Statham In A Marvel Movie


Save for the occasional side trip into sci-fi or comedy, Statham likes his action movies to be gruff, muscular, and somewhat based in reality … or, at the very least, the version of reality where you can chuck a pot of nectar by-product at your opponent, toss your lighter at them, and casually stroll away as the sticky-sweet substance lights up your enemy like it’s the Fourth of July. (Sorry to disappoint, kiddos, but we tested it ourselves: Contrary to what “The Beekeeper” would have you believe, honey is not actually “flammable as f***.”)

Per The Stath:

“Cinema is like music. Some people like Country and Western, others like heavy metal. I’m drawn to a bit more of a grounded kind of action. [Laughs] Well, I like being grounded to be an element we inject into the crazy world that we’re in.”

With the superhero bubble having, possibly for real this time, finally burst, perhaps journalists will no longer be pressured into asking everyone they interview why they haven’t converted to the church of Marvel and DC yet. While there are plenty of comic book characters that I could envision Statham playing (those nearly decade-old rumors about him being in the running for Bullseye on the “Daredevil” series were, if nothing else, on the right track), there’s no reason that he has to do the Marvel do-si-do. Let him stick to making “Meg 3: The Search for Shark” instead for as long as he’s willing and able.

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