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Why Famke Janssen Turned Down The Role Of Jadzia Dax In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


It’s worth noting that the character of Dax, eventually played by actress Terry Farrell, sported a trail of spots that extended from her forehead, and down the sides of her neck. The spots were a last-minute change to Dax after a prosthetic forehead didn’t work out so well. The spots, by the admission of “Trek” makeup artist Michael Westmore, were modeled directly on Janssen’s character in “The Perfect Mate.” 

Berman and Piller were, according to the “365” book, having trouble casting Jadzia Dax, and Famke Janssen just happened to be near the offices on the right day. They liked Janssen and asked her to read for Dax. The idea of starring in a long-running TV series, however, was not what the actress wanted to do at that time. She said:

“I wanted some kind of guarantee that I could do feature films on the side. […] And while I felt [‘Deep Space Nine’] was a great opportunity, I felt I would get lazy as an actor if I didn’t keep challenging myself with different parts.”

Farrell got the role instead, and Janssen moved to movies. It seems she made the right decision, as 1995 saw her playing Xenia Onatopp, a vicious, lascivious assassin in the James Bond movie “GoldenEye.” That same year, she worked with Clive Barker in the unusual horror outing “Lord of Illusions.” She would also work with Ted Demme in “Monument Ave.,” with Robert Altman in “The Gingerbread Man,” with Woody Allen in “Celebrity,” and with Robert Rodriguez in “The Faculty.” She has also appeared in the three “Taken” movies, and in three “X-Men” movies. 

“Deep Space Nine” might have been fun, but her film career seems to have thrived without it.

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