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Why Does Kong Have A Metal Arm In Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire?


Kong has spent most of his time searching for other members of his race. They were wiped out centuries ago, leaving him to while away his days on Skull Island — but after the events of “Godzilla vs. Kong,” Kong discovers an entirely new realm at the center of the Earth. In “Godzilla x Kong” we learn that a kingdom full of apes just like Kong has been living in a hidden pocket of the Hollow Earth. This is the Skar King’s domain, but giant apes aren’t the only ones dwelling there.

The Skar King is a formidable ruler on his own, but he’s also got a secret weapon that essentially keeps his underlings in line. That ace up his sleeve is actually Shimo, an ancient Titan that he managed to subjugate eons ago. Not unlike Godzilla’s atomic breath, Shimo has the ability to spew powerful ice blasts. Kong learns this the hard way in his first encounter with the beastie. As he’s deflected Godzilla’s blasts with his trusty battle axe before, he might assume he can do the same with Shimo. Unfortunately, facing off with the ice dino is infinitely more dangerous.

A sustained hit of Shimo’s ice breath freezes Kong’s axe in one fell swoop — and since Kong was naturally holding the weapon, his hand is briefly frozen over too. He manages to escape the Skar King’s lair, but by the time he reunites with Ilene and her allies, his right arm is severely frostbitten and barely functioning.

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