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Why Battlestar Galactica’s Spin-Offs Didn’t Work, Straight From The Co-Creator [Exclusive]


Eick said that, unlike “Battlestar Galactica” — where he and Moore discussed in detail ahead of time what they wanted the show to be, if not every direction they planned for the story to take — “Caprica” lacked a singular guiding ethos. The show tackled corporate espionage, religious extremism, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, immigrant identity, organized crime, boarding school drama, and that’s not all. Just look at the title sequence, which transitions from one main character (in completely separate locations) to the next, showing how tangentially connected they all were. This left the show with plodding pacing (I’ll admit I struggled to get through it).

Eick continued: 

“Ron’s involvement vacillated so there was less consistency and less reliability and, as we shored up his absence, I don’t think the people we had in place to do that were the right people, to be totally frank. And I think there were maybe some questionable casting decisions with that one.”

Indeed, “Battlestar” scored a huge win in securing veterans Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell as the series’ leads while discovering great talents like Tricia Helfer, Katee Sackhoff (these days seen on “The Mandalorian”), and James Callis. Eick opined, and I agree, that many of the series’ supporting cast (made up of local Canadian day players like Michael Hogan, Aaron Douglas, Alessandro Juliani, Kandyse McClure, etc.) evolved from background faces to part of the series’ heart. With “Caprica,” though? None of the characters were compelling enough to latch onto.

“I think there were people trying to emulate when Ron would get really hippie-dippy metaphysical with ‘Battlestar,’ and then sometimes it’d get a little wobbly,” Eick recalled. “When you don’t have his high-wire act ability — which is, let’s say, successful more often than it isn’t — and you’re trying to emulate it, it can become mush really quick. Just like, ‘What are you talking about here?’ So we ran into that buzzsaw.”

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