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Who Is Goblin Queen? Madelyne Pryor In X-Men ’97 Explained


So, will “X-Men ’97” bring back Madelyne? She’s not a villain anymore, unlike in the comics where she’s been the Goblin Queen since “Inferno.” Plus, her story arc on the show is completed for the time being; “Jean” had been saying since “X-Men ’97” episode 1 that she wanted to leave the X-Men behind, and she does so even if it’s without Scott.

However, there may be a few ways we see her again. One concerns her son. In “Fire Made Flesh,” Sinister infects young Nathan with a techno-organic virus, so his parents send him into the future with time-traveling X-Man Bishop. In case you don’t know, this set up Nathan to become the time-traveling mercenary Cable, who was a recurring character back in the original “X-Men” animated series. Madelyne and her adult son meeting holds dramatic potential.

In the comics, Madelyne also hooked up with Scott’s younger brother Alex Summers/Havok after Cyclops dumped her; he stood by the Goblin Queen’s side as a brainwashed servant/boy toy during “Inferno.” Havok appeared in the “X-Men” episode “Cold Comfort,” but he and Scott didn’t realize that they’re long-lost brothers. If Madelyne returns with Alex in tow, there could be a bigger Summers family reunion.

“X-Men ’97” is streaming on Disney+, with new episodes releasing on Wednesdays.

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