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Try these before AirPods Pro


Google’s Pixel device lineup has jumped up near the top of the list for people in search of high-quality mobile products that rival market-leading counterparts made by Apple. That’s true of Pixel phones, of course, and you can find out why if you read BGR’s Google Pixel 8a review. But it’s also true of Pixel Buds wireless earbuds. Now happens to be the perfect time to give them a shot because a new sale has slashed Google’s Pixel Buds Pro both to the lowest prices of 2024 so far.

These terrific wireless noise cancelling earbuds from Google offer sound quality, ANC, and battery life that are all on par with Apple’s AirPods Pro. However, Pixel Buds Pro are better than Apple’s flagship earphones in one key way: They cost way less money. That’s especially true right now, while Pixel Buds Pro are on sale for $139.99 instead of $200. Or, you can pick up Google’s entry-level Pixel Buds A-Series, which outshine entry-level AirPods, for just $54.99 renewed.

Amazon Logo See Pricing
Amazon Logo See Pricing

The entry-level Pixel Buds A-Series earbuds compete directly with Apple’s second-generation AirPods. Some people prefer them to AirPods though, because they have silicon ear tips that isolate sound. As a result, the sound quality is even better than what you’ll get from Apple’s AirPods.

If you check out our guide on the best AirPods deals, you’ll see that AirPods are down to as little as $79.99 right now, depending on which model you want. That’s the best price ever, but it’s still more than you’ll pay for Pixel Buds A-Series earphones right now.

Google Pixel Buds A-Series retail for $99, which is $30 less than Apple’s retail price for AirPods. But renewed Pixel Buds A-Series are also on sale right now for just $54.99. They’re in excellent condition and guaranteed to look and perform like new. Otherwise, you can return them for a full refund. You can also pick up a brand-new pair for $99.

Check out BGR’s in-depth Google Pixel Buds A-Series review for more info.

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If you’re looking for a higher-end pair of earphones that also include noise cancelling technology, you’ve undoubtedly considered Apple’s AirPods Pro 2. They’re extremely popular, and most users would say they live up to the hype. But they’re also very expensive, with a retail price of $249.

Google’s Pixel Buds Pro, on the other hand, retail for $200. They offer terrific sound quality, great noise cancelling quality, and a sleek design. You also get solid battery life of up to 31 hours of playtime between the charging case and the buds themselves.

Pixel Buds Pro are more than worth the full retail price of $200. Right now, however, they’re down to an all-time low price of $139.99.

Amazon Logo Available on Amazon

No matter which model you go with, you’re getting awesome earbuds with great sound quality. And if you opt for the pricier Pixel Buds Pro model, you’re also getting surprisingly good active noise cancelling along with killer battery life. And needless to say, both of these Pixel Buds models work great with any Android phone or iPhone you might have.

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