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Tokyo Clash Gives You All The City-Smashing Gameplay You Crave


“Godzilla: Tokyo Clash” is a miniatures game built around unique kaiju decks and a modular game board. Each round is broken into four sections. At the start of each round, players advance the Oxygen Destroyer marker on the board, which tracks how close humans are to chasing off the kaiju (and therefore ending the game). This is followed by the Action Phase, where players use or discard cards until every player has passed. The Refresh Phase sees the table draw back up to five cards per player, and finally, the Event Phase triggers the human actions on the map — ranging from military assaults to alien invasions.

Most of the game takes place during the Action Phase, where players use the five cards in their hands to either play effect or activate their kaiju‘s discard action. These discard actions vary depending on the creature, but can include things like throwing a vehicle into a neighboring space or moving your character with momentum (meaning that you can immediately take another action if you have the energy or cards to do so). Managing your hand — ensuring you have the right mix of offensive and defensive cards for the round — is 99% of the game for players.

The Action Phase ends when all players pass, but be careful: just because a player passes once doesn’t mean they are done playing, and the opponent you thought was out of abilities might just be waiting for the board to shift in their favor.

“Godzilla: Tokyo Clash” also allows players to have direct control over their game clock. Each small building you destroy gets placed on the turn counter, and the game ends when your destruction level — which fills in right to left across the board — meets up with the Oxygen Destroyer, which advances in space each round. When a round ends and those two trackers have crossed paths, players count the number of trophies in their hand to determine the victor.

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