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‘Titanic’ Door That Rose Used After The Sinking Tops Planet Hollywood Auction


Rose promised Jack she’d never let go at the end of James Cameron’s film, Titanic. And she lived up to that vow until recently, when the door that saved her was the top-selling item at “The Treasures from Planet Hollywood” auction, which ended Sunday.

Heritage Auctions reports the iconic Titanic prop sold for $718,750, topping the event and coming in ahead of such items as Indiana Jones’ iconic bullwhip from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which sold for $525,000.

The other items in the auction included a dress worn onscreen by Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson’s ax from the “Hereeee’s Johnny” scene in The Shining, and an original Stormtrooper blaster from 1977’s Star Wars.

Several other pieces from Titanic were also part of the auction, including the ship’s helm wheel to Rose’s white, pink, and lavender chiffon dress.

The Titanic door has been the subject of much fan controversy, with arguments blazing that Rose could have made room for Jack and saved them both. Director James Cameron actually made a documentary that addressed the argument, concluding that it’s likely, though not guaranteed, that both could have fit on it.

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