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The Biggest (And Worst) Change Fox’s Disney Buyout Made To Family Guy


Prior to the Disney purchase, “Family Guy” felt free to mock or at least refer to just about any pop property they wanted. The series would frequently see the main characters enacting scenes from “Stand By Me,” “Lord of the Rings,” “American Beauty,” “The Music Man,” “Rocky IV,” “Transformers,” and literally hundreds of others. If there was no organic reason to fold in a pop culture reference, the writers of “Family Guy” would merely conceive a miniature artificial “aside,” wherein the action would cut to a satirical vignette of, say, “Back to the Future.” Fans of the series also likely know about the three extended TV specials wherein the “Family Guy” characters merely re-enacted three “Star Wars” movies with a comedic twist. 

The “Star Wars” TV specials may not have been possible under the auspices of Disney. Appel noted that Disney was a lot more brand-sensitive than Fox, their old network, leading to a few “headbutt sessions” with Disney executives asking “Family Guy” to tone down the harshness on certain properties. All of a sudden, “Family Guy” was way more corporate. Appel admitted: 

“Here’s the honest difference, and I say this without fear. Well, I say it with fear and no favor: The difference is, Disney owns so many properties that I will find myself making legal arguments that I know are winners about parody and why we can get away with certain things. And then the question becomes, ‘Well that may be, Rich, but Marvel doesn’t want to see its character portrayed in this light.’ And I’ve sometimes said, ‘Well, what if we just air it and see what happens?’ ‘No, that’s not how we work.'”

Given the fast-and-furious nature of the references, Appel must have to deal with this sort of thing a lot. 

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