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The 8 Best Horror Movies Of 2024 So Far


Larry Fessenden, indie horror auteur, is back — with a werewolf movie. But “Blackout” isn’t your typical lycanthrope flick. This is more like a quirky indie character drama that also happens to be about a werewolf. The wolfman in question is Charley Barrett (Alex Hurt), a working-class artist who lives in the small autumnal town of Talbot Falls. When we meet Charley, he appears to be getting his affairs in order. There’s a reason for that: he knows he’s a werewolf and he’d like to end his life before he turns back into a monster and kills more people. 

While there’s werewolf action to be had here, complete with throats ripped out and limbs torn off, Fessenden is more interested in the characters who populate the town. Seemingly every person who shows up on screen is a quirky, memorable individual, and while some of the performances are shaky, Fessenden’s script has a way of making his players, no matter how minor, stand out. Occasionally funny (in a dark sort of way), “Blackout” has a melancholy vibe to match its autumn atmosphere, and best of all, the werewolf is just a guy wearing make-up. Sure, it’s not the most sophisticated make-up — but give me a practical werewolf over a CGI monstrosity any day. (Chris Evangelista)

Director: Larry Fessenden

Cast: Alex Hurt, Addison Timlin, Marshall Bell, Joseph Castillo-Midyett, Barbara Crampton

Rating: Unrated

Rotten Tomoates Score: 79%

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