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Tarek Ali Signs With Gotham Group


EXCLUSIVE: Writer, content creator, and actor Tarek Ali (The Tarek Ali Segment with MTVU,  Bear Witness, Take Action 2) has signed with Gotham Group.

Ali is known for his activism and sparking conversations which encourage self-acceptance, growth, and healing. His personal journey of hardships, sacrifice, and perseverance resonated with millions on YouTube, and now he is bringing his story to life with an upcoming autobiography and television series.

Ali’s weekly podcast, That Conversation With Tarek Ali is currently nominated for a 2024 GLAAD Media, and is the only solo Black person and queer person to have a top 10 podcast in the US in the health and fitness category. He recently launched Leap Into Healing, an initiative to heal through technology and media. This will be the first subscriber edition to his podcast, where he provides extra episodes and tools for listeners.

Ali is also the founder of the Caring Colors LGBTQ+ Empowerment Organization. This nonprofit functions as a safe space for LGBTQ+ adolescents and young adults and has expanded to include multiple high school chapters in Prince George’s County and collegiate chapters in Georgia State University and Prince George’s Community College. As a result of the nonprofit’s success, Caring Colors was recognized by the Obama Administration, leading Ali to receive an official invitation to The White House.

Along with Gotham Group, Ali is also repped by HowRU Entertainment for talent affairs.

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