Issue 3 (July 2021)

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SYNNBIOB | July 2021 | Issue 3

Educate to Innovate rather than making an exam machine. Several years back, US President Barack Obama announced such a program for engaging science students in performing and invention. This investment rewarded promising gifts to the nation that include millions of creative and innovative scientists & engineers, doctoral students, and postdoctoral fellows who are directly involved in the STEM field; eventually, science inventions in the US upgrade remarkably in the recent decades.

What’s the scenario in other nations? Do they follow the same education system to improved science and enhance scientific discoveries?

World Environment Day Observation


The theme of World Environment Day (5th June) 2021 was “Ecosystem Restoration”.  Together with the Department of Botany, Panskura Banamali College, Team Synnbiob could organize and support an online observation of the World Environment Day on 5th June 2021 via Google meet.

Cover Story | COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Samiran Mondal

The emergence and rapid transmission of COVID-19 results in global morbidity, mortality, and economic catastrophe. Under such a situation, the developments of several vaccines worldwide offered some sort of relief, although a class of people is still confused about the efficiencies and side effects of the vaccines; However, the effect and adverse effects of a vaccine massively rely on antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).

Discovery | Chemistry | Amino Acids

Dr. Suvankar Das

Recently reported two emerging methodologies for the direct synthesis of novel unnatural amino acids, are expected to gain immense attention to the drug discovery field. The discoveries represent Cysteine Borylation and Enantioselective Difluoromethylation of natural amino acids, which were remained a covered area since before these reports.

Perspective | Natural Products

Bhabani Shankar Das, Ashirbad Sarangi, and Dr. Debapriya Bhattacharya*

Black pepper, a member of the Piperaceae family, contains an important biomolecule known as piperine (an alkaloid). Scientific validation revealed piperine can improve the bioavailability and bio-efficacy of a myriad of pharmaceuticals, including antitubercular therapies, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antitumor agents. A combination of piperine with anti-tubercular antibiotics can enhance the bioavailability of drugs, thus reduces drug dosages and their toxicity, perhaps increasing treatment efficiency. Moreover, it reduces the chances of the generation of drug-resistant forms of TB bacteria.
Highlights | Discovery | Biochemistry
Among thousands of top-class biochemistry research works publish every month, some discoveries really make a difference! Recently reported methodology to study the cardiomyocyte behavior at the cellular level, the molecular mechanism of telomerase, RNA origami models, etc., are some of the top listed discoveries highlighted here.
Discovery | Synthetic Chemistry

Dr. Suvankar Das

Nowadays, direct C-H functionalization and asymmetric coupling reactions have gained massive importance in the medicinal chemistry and drug discovery field due to the possibilities of easy and atom-economic access to inaccessible as well as important drug molecules/intermediates. In this article, 3 recently developed very important methodologies are highlighted that can easily access crucial intermediates and capable of late-stage functionalization that are rarely possible via convention methods.
Animal Kingdom | Knowledge

Subhra Das

The animal kingdom is enormous and versatile, occupied with millions of species. Biologists and neurologists are continuously searching to uncover new species, new animal behaviors, and the associated sciences. In this article, 3 such interesting facts related to dolphins, whales, and lizards have been introduced with proper scientific explanations.
Discovery | Medical-Material Research


In the later stage, several cancers are still incurable, especially liver cancer. Commonly used, radio- and chemotherapeutic treatments cause several side effects that are often irreversible. To overcome the disadvantages of traditional cancer treatments, magnetic hyperthermia therapy that is presently under the experimental stage has gained immense attention in the medical world.
Animal Planet | Knowledge

Subhra Das

Tardigrade, an ever-interesting earth’s micro animal, was typically exposed into space, and survived unharmed! Sounds strange, right? This article introduces the unknown facts about Tardigrades.
Students' Board | Science Experiment

Dr. Suvankar Das

Paper Chromatography Experiment lies under the section of Elementary School science experiments. Although the textbook science of chromatography is taught at a higher standard, this simple and interesting experiment offers advanced practical knowledge on this topic. Any student from middle or high school can perform this at home.

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