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Sydney Sweeney Nailed Immaculate’s Most Shocking Scene On The First Take


After discovering that she’s been forcibly impregnated with a baby made from DNA extracted from the dried blood on a nail that was supposedly used to crucify Jesus of Nazareth, Sweeney’s Sister Cecilia goes on a rampage throughout the convent and kills anyone who gets in her way toward freedom, all while being in active labor. Sweeney told the crowd that she was waiting in the wings for the movie to end, listening to the audience react. There were gasps, there were cheers, and in the final few seconds, there was a roaring applause. Sister Cecilia successfully escapes the convent but is covered in the blood of the priest responsible for her pregnancy after she stabbed him in the throat with the crucifixion nail.

Once she exits the convent’s catacombs, she stares down the camera and delivers the baby without any assistance. She rips the umbilical cord connecting her to what sounds like a monstrous creation with her own teeth, before grabbing a gigantic rock and obliterating the beast. It’s one of the best horror movie endings in years, and Sweeney’s performance is nothing short of masterful. “What you saw was the first take,” Sweeney told the audience. “We set up for that last scene and we just blocked where the cameras would be. And then Mike [Mohan, director] was like, ‘Do you want to rehearse?’ And I said, ‘I don’t know, let’s just go for it,’ And then that’s what you saw.” Go for it she did, and Sydney Sweeney forever solidified her place in horror history in the process.

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