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SynnBiob Science Magazine for the Planet’s Welfare is dedicated to four mainstream science subjects that include chemistry, biology, medical sciences, and environmental sciences. It’s not only about human welfare, but we are inspired by the dream of a magical planet where every living substance can live sustainably, but not the enemies who ruin the healthy atmosphere of the society.

Our prior aim is to deliver complex scientific information in the simplest and attractive way to society so that people can enjoy the beauty of science.

We believe, sustainable science can change the world and provide a far better lifestyle; however, proper development of science in a faster way is possible, only when science will receive more interest from the common people. Increasing interest in science within the society will not only motivate them to innovate new things but will also help people to think about a better world.

As a secondary interest, we focus to spread interdisciplinary researches to the whole scientific community, which will undoubtfully enrich science by increasing the number of collaborations.

High-quality articles exploring the valuable information and recent discoveries on any of the above-metioned subjects or related topics are most welcome to be published in SynnBiob Science Magazine. 

Please follow the guidelines as mentioned below.

  • Article length should be between 700-3000 words.
  • Please provide an abstract/summary for your article and place it at the top/bottom.
  • We accept articles in English language only.
  • Attach only MS word document for the write-up and JPEG/PNG/TIFF files for the image files. Don’t attach PDF.
  • Use the focused keyword in your article title, at least in two headings, and at least 3-4 times within the entire text body.
  • Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  • Use proper references in support of your content/ justifications.
  • Provide a featured image for your article and at least one image/diagram for the entire content.
  • Attach images separately in JPEG/PNG/TIFF format.
  • Please use only copyright-free images and diagrams only. Preferably use the images taken by you or the diagrams created by yourself. In special situations use free stock images, but never use the images obtained in Google (or other search engines) search results or from any other website. There are many websites around which offer free reading permission, but they don’t allow to use of their content (including images) on another website. SO, please be very careful.

Please fill in the following form be and upload the documents separately (only MS word doc for the write-up and JPEG/PNG/TIFF files for the images, PDF files are not acceptable).

In case, you face any difficulty to upload the documents through the following form, you may send us directly via email ( /

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In case, you face any difficulty to upload the documents through the above form, you may send us directly via email ( Please note, the manuscript/article will be sent to our editorial board for further verifications. Upon approval from the editorial board (our editors may make some changes if required; they mainly check for plagiarism and grammatical errors), the edited version (if any) will be sent to you for your consent. The final copy will be published in the upcoming issue.

Just for information, we generally don’t accept if a manuscript contains…

  • Plagiarism.
  • Extremely poor English.
  • False/Poor/immature information.

Thank you very much for your interest in contributing to SYNNBIOB Science Magazine.