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Star Wars’ Hayden Christensen Ruined A Lot Of Pants While Filming Episode II


If nothing else, it seems Hayden Christensen genuinely loved his time making “Star Wars,” both for the prequel films, and also enthusiastically returning to play the character in “Obi-Wan Kenobi” and “Ahsoka.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hayden Christensen talked about the fun of shooting his first “Star Wars” movie. “[Co-star] Ewan [McGregor] was always able to lighten up a situation. And there were odd moments,” Christensen said. “My pants split numerous times, right up to my crotch. It happened over and over when I was doing jumps. So there was always something to laugh at, even if it was me.” 

Now, the “Star Wars” prequels do feature a lot of elaborate stunts and acrobatics, many of which involved Jedi doing jumps and flips without the use of wires. Sure, they were not necessarily super dangerous stunts that could have killed someone like the ones in “Mad Max: Fury Road,” but there was still some impressive and fun stuntwork — just not according to the actors behind that fight between Mace Windu and Palpatine. Nevertheless, the main Jedi and Sith actors in the prequel trilogy got to do more of the big stunts than even the actors in the original trilogy, with Mark Hamill being forbidden from performing two crucial stunts in the original films for being too dangerous.

As for Christensen, no matter how many pants he ripped, at least he didn’t almost poop his pants, unlike that one stormtrooper. 

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