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Stan Lee Used His First Meeting With Tom Holland To Haze Marvel’s Newest Spider-Man


Before he passed, Stan Lee was still very much committed to his long-running tradition of showing up in cameo appearances for almost every Marvel film. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” was no different, with the Marvel legend appearing as irascible NYC resident Gary, who witnesses Tom Holland’s Spider-Man accidentally webbing up his neighbor after mistaking her for a car thief. After yelling, “Don’t make me come down there, you punk,” Gary shares some pleasantries with his neighbor, Marjorie, thus ending Lee’s one and only cameo in Holland’s Spider-Man movie trilogy.

According to the book “MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios,” during his first meeting with Holland, Lee apparently took the opportunity to give the actor a Gary-esque ribbing. Authors Joanna Robinson, Dave Gonzales, and Gavin Edwards note that in 2016, Lee was called in to shoot several cameos during the filming of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” which had taken up residence across eighteen soundstages at Pinewood Atlanta Studios. Director James Gunn was tasked with filming three Lee cameos at the time, in order to, as the “MCU” writers put it, “limit the number of times Lee, who was then ninety-three, would need to travel to Georgia.” The authors continue: “When Gunn introduced Lee to Tom Holland, the newest Peter Parker, Stan the Man ribbed the young actor: ‘Everyone says you’re great! Personally, I don’t see it.'”

How did Holland react to such a burn from the 93-year-old legend? According to Gunn himself, who held an Instagram Q&A back in 2020,¬†everyone within earshot “died laughing” after Lee roasted the new Spidey star, so it all seemed to have been in good fun.

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