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Soundblade might be the coolest Mac soundbar I’ve ever seen


Introduced during CES 2024, BlueAnt is finally releasing Soundblade, an under-monitor soundbar to elevate your desktop audio. Compatible with Mac, PCs, monitors, and laptop speakers in general, the company wants to provide a “convenient and powerful” desktop audio solution that addresses the “often thin and lifeless sound quality” of most monitors and laptop speakers.

Although MacBook, iMac, and Studio Display users can’t complain about Apple’s audio quality, I was quite frustrated with Samsung’s ViewFinity S9 sound quality, which is very shallow. If you’re using a monitor with your Mac or a Windows laptop, this could make your audio experience way better.

The Soundblade under-monitor soundbar has a very elegant look and comes in several colors to match your monitor: charcoal, white, pink, blue, and green. These colorful options are a perfect match for the new iMac models.

Image source: BlueAnt

Whether gaming, watching movies, streaming YouTube videos, or using it for conference calls, the Soundblade soundbar brings high-definition, immersive sound with 120 watts of peak power, 2.1 channel sound, and a built-in 80mm neodymium subwoofer.

With these specs, BlueAnt promises “thundering audio with deep bass, crystal-clear dialogue, rich music, and dynamic sound effects.” The company says this product delivers a “mini-cinema experience.” At the same time, gamers can get “an unprecedented level of immersion, delivering heightened realism and auditory detail to bring virtual worlds to life.”

Soundblade, available for $199.99, is compatible with PC, Mac, PS5, PS4, Bluetooth, and AUX. The soundbar has a plug-and-play design to seamlessly sync with users’ laptops, smartphones, and tablets as well.

The Soundblade soundbar is available on Amazon and BestBuy in Charcoal and White, but Amazon users can also choose this product in Pink, Blue, and Green.

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