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Writing services are available for,

  1. Original Research Papers (Communications/Articles)
  2. Review Articles

For research papers please provide the details of your lab research and related literature. Obtained results may be attached in table format and jpeg format. Please also provide the schematic diagrams. If you provide a summary, facts that need to be highlighted, and a template, we can produce the best manuscript.

For review article, please provide all the literatures you want to include in the articles. Please mention the approximate title, keywords, and the way that you want to represent your article. If you provide a summary and a template, we can produce the best manuscript.

Please, fill up all the required information (* = mandatory fields) in the following online submission system.

In case, you are unable to upload your documents (maybe due to some technical error), you can also send them directly via email ( Please note, don’t forget to attach the submission form along with the research details. In the following link, you may download the submission form (MS Word template).

Note: Presently we are offering the writing service only for organic chemistry research articles and review articles.

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