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Ramy Youssef Brings A Calm Yet Amusing Presence To A Solid Saturday Night Live


Ramy Youssef has plenty of comedy experience, but stepping onto the stage of Studio 8H in 30 Rockefeller Plaza can be challenging for even the most seasoned comedic talents. While Youssef doesn’t exactly have varied sketch comedy chops that allowed him to disappear into a variety of characters, he did have a calming presence at the top of the show that eased us into the rest of the night. Youssef felt neither confident nor nervous, especially in his stand-up monologue, which was impressive considering how firmly he took a stand about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Throughout the evening, Youssef was a solid center for the episode, though he didn’t necessarily feel like the star of the show. In a way, that’s kinda what you want to see in a host, as they blend seamlessly in with the rest of the cast, not unlike an Emma Stone or a Ryan Gosling. But at the same time, you also want to see them standing out when it comes to the characters they’re playing, and it would have been nice to give Youssef a little more variety, or at least for him to provide some variety in his portrayal of characters in each sketch. But even so, the comedian still helped deliver a solid episode. 

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