Structure Elucidation/ Structure Determination Service


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Structure Elucidation/ Structure Determination Service

This is a dedicated service for determining the structures of new compounds.

Please Upload your documents here>>

Please fill up the requisition form and upload the corresponding data.

You have to provide the following documents:

  1. 1H-NMR: Topspin folders (zip) having fid files.
  2. 13C-NMR.
  3. The expected structure of the compound.
  4. Reaction Scheme (if it is not been isolated from natural resources).
  5. Previous literature (If available).
  6. Part structure (if determined).
  7. Mass data.
  8. IR data (need for specific compound classes).
  9. Other data (selectively required under complex situation).

When should you hire this service?

You can hire the molecular structure elucidation service under several situations:

  • If you are facing difficulties in determining the structures of new organic compounds.
  • If you are worried about the formation of an unexpected product.
  • For heavy-duty laboratories and chemical industries, this service is highly recommended.

For NMR annotation of the known compounds, you are suggested to visit the following link:

NMR Annotation Service >>

Please note, there is no fixed price for the structure elucidation service. It all depends on the difficulties and time required by our expert.

First, send us all the related documents. We shall check the sufficiency of data and probability to solve the problem. Further, we’ll inform you about the approximate time that may require to elucidate the structure, so that you may book hours accordingly. Our experts will start working on it immediately after we receive the payment.

The service prices slightly vary from small molecules to larger ones (based on molecular weight).

Please note:

  • Small molecules: up to 500 daltons (<500 g/mole)
  • Medium molecule: up 501-900 dalton (501-900 g/mole)
  • Large molecules: greater than 900 daltons (>900 g/mole)

Please upload your documents for NMR Interpretation Service HERE>>

The annotated PDF/JPEG will be well-integrated with all the peaks at the top and also be featured with the diagram of the respective compound, parameter table (mention if you need it), and compound code. Peak assignment is not included in this service; if you need peak assignment as well, please let us know, we’ll send you the additional price (it’s only the charges for 15-20 min extra time for each NMR, depends on the difficulties).

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