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Part Two’s Shortest Scenes Took Three Entire Days To Film


From using Rolex watches as inspiration for sets to shooting in infra-red, “Dune: Part Two” represents a truly significant visual achievement. That goes for its predecessor, too, which created a convincing sense of scale with its Oscar-winning effects. Interestingly, though, one of the sequel’s biggest hurdles came with shooting scenes that had nothing to do with scale.

Speaking to the New York Times, Denis Villeneuve explained how his fastidious attention to detail meant that scenes had to be stitched together using shots from various different locations. He explained:

“The cinematographer [Greig Fraser] and the director are stubborn and want a precise light that will exist for 10 minutes. I didn’t want to make any compromise. There’s scenes that onscreen look very simple, but would be shot in several different environments just to make sure that we have the right rock at the right color at the right time of the day with the precise sun. It was constructed like a puzzle.”

Timothée Chalamet spoke more about these instances of requiring “precise light,” revealing that short scenes depicting a one-on-one conversation between Paul Atreides and his love interest atop the dunes of Arrakis were shot at dawn, “sometimes over three days” when the crew only had “30 minutes or an hour.”

Cinematographer Fraser spoke to Vogue about how he captured the sand dune scenes between Paul and Chani, explaining that days were used to shoot “lots of explosions,” allowing a small crew to shoot the Paul and Chani scenes during the golden hour that occurs during sunrise and sunset. The director of photography said that he “literally took 10 people, and the actors,” and “shot all these beautiful sunrises and sunset scenes.”

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