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Part Two Scene That Had Florence Pugh ‘Dead Terrified’


More than anything, Pugh was intimidated by the responsibility of starting a massive, 165-minute epic. The actress said: 

“I think one that I was nervous about, but that kind of really naughty, excited nervous, was actually my first day shooting, which was the opening scene where she’s reading the diary. I was dead terrified about that. [It was] the first day of the shoot. And also, I knew that it was like the first page in the script, and I was like, ‘Wow, this is intense knowing that this is going to be opening the movie.’ So that was high pressure.”

Having seen “Dune: Part Two,” I can say that Pugh availed herself incredibly well. It also wasn’t the first time Pugh opened a film; she appeared in almost every scene of William Oldroyd’s excellent film “Lady Macbeth,” and starred in the emotionally harrowing horror film “Midsommar” in 2019. The actress has been in her share of high-profile and low-profile projects and seems completely at ease in big-budget films. Indeed, “Dune: Part Two” wasn’t even her most expensive job; the superhero film “Black Widow” cost about $100 million more than “Part Two,” and she is currently filming the MCU movie “Thunderbolts,” which will likely also have a massive budget. 

Pugh’s nerves likely had more to do with responsibility to the story than with the cost of the film. She had to set the tone, recap the story of “Dune: Part One,” let audiences know where all of the players were, all while serving as an introduction to the Emperor absent from “Part One.” One can indeed see why a performer might be nervous. 

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