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Paramount Pitted Star Trek Writers Against Each Other To Get The Script For Generations


Piller was particularly incensed by the “competition” aspect of Rick Berman’s scriptwriting “competition,” saying that he didn’t want to play against another screenwriter. He liked cooperation better. Piller said: 

“From the studio’s point of view, it made perfect business sense. Rick was a first-time feature producer, this was the studio’s most lucrative franchise — why take a chance on one writer; why not have two scripts written and pick the best one? But from a writer’s standpoint, there’s something deeply discouraging about knowing that you’re writing against someone and that one of you is wasting his or her time. Having guided the stories and the scripts for ‘The Next Generation’ for five years, I found it very difficult to participate in a contest and turned the offer down.”

Braga and Moore, meanwhile, were keen to write a script. A movie — their first — was too tantalizing to turn down, and they got to work. Moore recalled ecstatically being offered a chance to write “Generations,” and how he, at first, thought he was going to be let go. Moore said:  

“We thought we were being fired. Rick said he wanted to meet with us and didn’t tell us the reason. Brannon was sure the series was being canceled. We finally got over to Rick’s office and we were both pale and he said, ‘I’ve just completed two months of negotiations with the studio and I’ve been asked to produce the next two “Star Trek” movies. I want you boys to write one of them.’ We just sort of stared at him, dumbstruck. It was completely out of left field.”

Their mandate was, as mentioned, to include the characters from the original “Star Trek.” Otherwise, it seemed like they were left to their own devices.

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