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One Of Logan’s Best Special Effects Wasn’t Done With CGI


One can watch the completed casino sequence online. In the scene, Professor X has a seizure in his hotel room right when armed S.W.A.T.-like agents are infiltrating. Logan is in the lobby below when the seizure strikes and everyone in the hotel is frozen in place. He fights his way up to the hotel room, pushing through the psychic “quivering,” murdering the agents, and rescuing the Professor.

On Twitter, Mangold revealed the pre-visualization video of the sequence. Pre-viz videos are kind of like a living storyboard, letting the filmmakers work out the pacing and camera angles of a scene before filming it with the actual actors. In the case of “Logan,” Mangold wanted to show off how the psychic attacks might look if he shook his cameras violently and then applied the shake-reduction software. The look is decidedly eerie.¬†Mangold tweeted:

“Because this film was made for much less than other tent pole films, we had to find new ways to achieve vfx. The psionic attack was largely created by shaking the camera like crazy & then using a shake-reduction app to make the shake disappear but retaining the smeary look.”

The kind of app Mangold refers to is quite common. One can download digital video stabilizers from the Google Store and through Apple. Indeed¬†there are many services online that can unblur photographs and movies. Mangold, taking a relatively low-fi approach to “Logan” ultimately created something that looked unique and dynamic for much less money than extensive CGI might have. Bigger budgets and overwhelming CGI effects don’t always make a superhero movie look better and can often serve to make a film look worse. The psionic earthquakes in “Logan” look far, far better than, say, M.O.D.O.K.

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