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Marvel’s The Art Of Thor Re-Release Digs Into The God Of Thunder’s MCU Debut


Within the book, you’ll find some incredible concept art that brings the pages of Marvel Comics to life in quite the grand fashion. No location in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has looked more regal than that of Asgard. Sure, an argument could be made for The Sovereign from “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.,” but honestly, their pompous attitude makes all of it far less appealing.

While Asgard is certainly proud, at least they can back it up with wisdom and power, even if it takes Thor a little longer to learn the true meaning of those words. The interiors of Odin’s palace are quite golden, especially in the concept art of the banquet hall designed by┬áNathan Schroeder (seen above), but the rest of Asgard isn’t quite as obsessed with the golden color palette as The Sovereign.

What’s most impressive is that you can see how hard the crew of “Thor” worked to bring Schroeder’s concept art to life on a practical set for director Kenneth Branagh. Above is an actual production still of the set used during production, and the details from the concept art have been meticulously recreated. From the chandelier to the intricate doors behind the table, the rich tapestry of Odin’s palace is truly something to behold, and it’s nice to see that such a large, grand set wasn’t simply created with visual effects.

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