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Joey Graziadei & Kelsey Anderson On Finale


The Bachelor franchise often teases that each season will boast the “most dramatic” moments audiences have ever witnessed.

But Season 28’s ending may have actually fit that bill. Viewers watched Joey Graziadei get engaged to Kelsey Anderson on Monday night during a touching and heartfelt proposal that was made more emotional by the moments the cameras captured just before Graziadei got down on one knee, when Anderson received encouragement from Daisy Kent, who had just broken up with Graziadei on the beach.

In an unusual turn of events, Anderson and Kent had driven down to the beach together after having an honest conversation in Anderson’s hotel room about their perceptions of their relationships with Graziadei.

“I think that we were both very emotional after our conversation. We both got a lot of clarity through it,” Anderson told Deadline after the finale. “We just decided that we wanted to be there for each other on that ride there because it was a big ride to a big moment for both of us in different ways. It was really special to be able to have that together and just hype each other up on the car ride there.”

After Kent left Graziadei on the beach, she marched back up to the van and, before departing, she gave some words of encouragement to Anderson to help her take in the big moment she was walking into.

Meanwhile, Graziadei, who was quite emotional following his break up with Kent, didn’t have a clue what was going on just a few steps away from him.

“I didn’t find out about the car ride together until after the engagement,” he said. “I thought it was special.”

Now that they’re about four months into their engagement and, finally, able to make it public, the pair — who revealed on After the Final Rose that they’ll soon be moving to New York City together — tell Deadline that they’re looking forward to “the little things” they’re learning about each other in their relationship.

“We built such a strong foundation in a short period of time, but we’re still learning more about each other every day,” Graziadei said. “And that’s really exciting for us right now.”

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