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iPhone, iPad, and Mac get Apple AI


It finally happened: Apple announced the artificial intelligence product to power its devices. As rumored, Apple’s AI is called Apple Intelligence. It’s a personal intelligence system that brings powerful language models to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

As expected, Apple Intelligence prioritizes privacy. We expect that from Apple, and several iOS 18 rumors have suggested that.

Apple Intelligence running on Apple devices.
Apple Intelligence running on Apple devices. Image source: Apple Inc.

Apple Intelligence should protect your privacy “at every step,” whether it’s on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Apple’s Craig Federighi took the stage to demonstrate the various features of Apple Intelligence, dedicating ample time to explaining how It works.

Apple’s AI will process AI features on-device, just as expected. Apple’s various language models will process data on the iPhone, iPad, or Mac with the help of Apple’s multiple A-series and M-series chips inside these devices.

However, Federighi also acknowledged that there will be cases when you’ll need more processing power for Apple AI. Apple will beam data to the cloud for processing with something called a Private Cloud Computer.


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