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Influencer Jackie Miller James Shares Aphasia Diagnosis After Aneurysm


Jackie Miller James is starting a new chapter. 

The influencer shared that she’s heading home to California after spending 10 months in hospitals across the U.S. while recovering from an aneurysm rupture in her brain, which left her in a medically induced coma last year.

In her first social media video since the episode, Jackie shared she is “ready to start living again.”

“What a year it’s been for me and my family,” she wrote in the caption of her March 26 Instagram post. “Last May, I was given a 50/50 chance of making it through the night… and now I’m here writing you.”

The 35-year-old explained that she struggles with aphasia—a language disorder that Bruce Willis was also diagnosed with—and noted that it impacts her speech and has limited her use of her right arm and leg.

“But, I’m more motivated than ever to keep putting in the work,” she shared. “While recovery has had some incredibly tough moments, having my 10-month old daughter Knoxly by my side has been my source of motivation. And throughout it all, Austin has been my rock. Friends and family have also stepped up in truly amazing ways to support us.” 

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