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“I Really Don’t Like That She Said That”


Jessie Cave has shared her thoughts after Harry Potter co-star Miriam Margolyes divided opinions after saying adult fans of the JK Rowling book saga-based films worried her.

Cave appeared at Dream it Con and was asked about Margolyes’ comments about fans, who are now adults, needing to outgrow the franchise.

“It’s such a shame that that happened,” she said. “You know how she is — she’s just a bit funny. And I think she didn’t mean for it to be taken like that, I hope.

She then added, “I really don’t like that she said that.”

Cave played the role of Lavender Brown in three films, starting with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in 2009 and followed by the last two films, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Margolyes caused uproar among Harry Potter fans when she appeared on a New Zealand show dissing adult fans of the fantasy saga.

“I worry about Harry Potter fans because they should be over that by now,” she said in an interview with 1News. “It was 25 years ago, and it’s for children. I think it’s for children.”

She continued, “They get stuck in it. I do Cameos, and people say, ‘We’re having a Harry Potter-themed wedding, and I think, ‘Gosh, what’s their first night of fun going to be?’ I can’t even think about it. No.”

Margolyes portrayed Professor Pomona Sprout in 2002’s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and reprised her role in 2011’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2. The actress says she gets requests for Cameo from Harry Potter fans for special occasions.

The actress would appear on another interview soon after and doubled down on her thoughts.

“I’m not unhappy about it. I just think that it’s for children,” Margolyes said on Australia’s ABC News Breakfast about being unhappy with adult Harry Potter fans.

She continued, “And if your balls have dropped, then it’s time to forget about it. You know, go on to other things.”

Margolyes acknowledged that Harry Potter is “a great series” and “it’s a wonderful set of films,” adding that she is proud to have been part of the universe.

“But it was 25 years ago. Grow up!” she added.

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