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How Is Asajj Ventress Still Alive? Another Star Wars Show May Hold The Answer


In “Harbinger,” the latest episode of “The Bad Batch” season 3, Asajj arrives mysteriously at the behest of Fennec Shand. In last week’s episode, Fennec offered to introduce one of her underworld contacts to the Bad Batch so they could discover why the Empire is after Omega. They knew it had something to do with Omega’s “M-Count,” but they didn’t know what that meant. It’s only natural that Fennec would lean on a fellow bounty hunter with a strong M-Count herself and send Asajj to speak to Hunter about Omega and explain what an M-Count actually is.

But how did Asajj make it from her dirt nap on Dathomir to the peaceful planet of Pabu (where the Bad Batch have made their refuge)? The episode is short on answers, but long on hints.

Asajj casually tells Hunter that she has “a few lives left” during the episode, which is a tacit acknowledgment of her resurrection, but offers no details beyond that. However, I think we can look to other parts of the “Star Wars” canon and the story of Ventress’s people to get a better understanding of how she came back from the dead.

For the Bad Batch, her resurrection isn’t as concerning as how she found them in their refuge in the first place, as she warns them that they’re not as safe as they think they are.

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