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How A True Crime Doc Pushed Stephen King To Finally Adapt Lisey’s Story


Pablo Larrain’s “Lisey’s Story,” an Apple TV+ miniseries written by King himself, received lukewarm reviews because it latched on tight to the source material without meaningful alterations warranted for dramatic depth. The performances, especially Julianne Moore’s embodiment of Lisey, are worth checking out, and Larrain’s miniseries embraces the strangeness embedded in King’s novel, where the abstract nature of storytelling, and the lives lived through that lens, are dissected as one can best describe something that cannot be articulated.

When asked why King had finally decided that it was time to adapt his most personal work, the author told Entertainment Weekly that he was struck with inspiration after watching “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story,” as he found the handling of the script particularly impressive:

“I saw this thing on FX [The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story] that was about the fashion designer Versace and about the man who killed him. And I had not really thought about getting involved with ‘Lisey’ at that point or tackling it as a TV project, but I looked at that thing, and I said to myself, my goodness, this guy, Tom Rob Smith, wrote the whole thing. He wrote all eight or nine episodes, and I thought, well, if he could do that and bring it home and do such a great job, what about Lisey? And I sat down, and I started, and I showed the scripts to Ben Stephenson at Bad Robot one by one, and he was very encouraging.”

King also explained that long-form television series formats on streaming platforms made space for narratives like “Lisey’s Story,” where there is a “chance to do more” with the freedom of exploring “a little more nuance.”

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