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Here’s what’s coming to your Apple Watch this fall


After taking the lid off of all the new features launching in iOS 18 this fall, Apple moved on to its latest software update for the Apple Watch. watchOS 11 is going to push you to be more active while providing you with more information than ever about your workouts.

First, watchOS 11 introduces Training Mode, which measures how the intensity and duration of your workouts are affecting your body. Once you finish a workout, you can rate your efforts. Your Apple Watch will then let you know if you are higher or lower than your average training load, so you can adjust based on what you’re training for.

There are also several frequently requested updates coming to the rings on your watch face. In watchOS 11, you’ll be able to set your goals for all three rings for each day of the week. You can also finally pause ring tracking if you don’t want to lose a streak.

One of the highlights of the update is the new Vitals app. Apple says that Vitals will allow Apple Watch owners to “explore your most important health metrics” at a glance. If any of your metrics are outside of their typical range, the Vitals app will let you know.


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