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Hands On With Huawei’s Pura 70 Ultra – Video


Hands On With Huawei's Pura 70 Ultra

Speaker 1: This is the Porer 70 Ultra, the Crown jewel in Huawei’s new flagship lineup. Porer is a rebrand from Huawei’s, well-known P series, which introduced night mode to the world in 2018 with the P 20 Pro. Yes, before Apple and before Samsung. Now this phone is all about the camera. This 50 megapixel pop-up camera. It literally extends from the back and retracts. When you’re done, pop-up. Cameras aren’t exactly new to smartphones, but this is probably [00:00:30] the most elegant implementation I’ve seen. It’s also tested for durability. Oh, and did I mention it can take Uber crisp pictures of fast moving objects like my Dog’s Tail, for instance. Look at that clarity. Now, the main camera on this thing is amazing in everything, but my favorite way to use the POR 70 Ultra was with the tele macro lens. The detail that thing can capture were things I couldn’t even see with my own eyes.

Speaker 1: But more than that, it was also just fun. For instance, here’s a picture of a scarf. Now here’s that [00:01:00] same scarf zoomed in. You can actually see the weave. Shocking, right? And here’s a picture of my dog, Rocky, and here’s a 10 X zoom picture of his coat. And the cool thing was I didn’t need to smush this camera into Rocky’s body to get that photo. I could take it from a short distance away and zoom in. Although it was a bit tricky to get a steady shot with 10 x Zoom. Now, if you want to know more about the POR 70 Ultra, make sure to check out my full story on cnet.com.

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