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GPT-4o vs. Google Gemini: Who won this week’s AI war?


GPT-4o is a new multimodal model that will power ChatGPT Free and Plus.

I knew Google was planning to make big AI announcements at I/O 2024. But then, rumors spread last week that OpenAI would unveil a Google Search rival for ChatGPT. Sam Altman dispelled those reports when OpenAI announced a ChatGPT event for Monday, just one day ahead of Google’s big Gemini fest. OpenAI said it would discuss ChatGPT advancements and offer AI product demos.

One thing was immediately clear: We were about to witness another significant battle in the ongoing AI war.

Fast-forward to today and we now know everything there is to know about the AI updates that OpenAI and Google brought to the table. ChatGPT got its big GPT-4o upgrade, while Google brought variants of Gemini AI to virtually all its existing products. It also unveiled a new Project Astra AI assistant for the Gemini app that matches GPT-4o’s multimodality.

So who won? Well, it’s complicated.

OpenAI and Google are spearheading this ongoing AI revolution. Each has strengths and weaknesses, even after Monday and Tuesday’s announcements. But I do think the real winner is the user. Whether you choose GPT-4o or Gemini, you won’t be sorry. Also, I think we’re heading to an era where you might prefer one AI system over another, but many people will end up using multiple AIs from different companies.

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