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Godzilla X Kong’s Villain Posed An Interesting Problem For The Filmmakers


Is this a massive prejudice against robots? Sure, but it is quite a standard way of getting away with mayhem and violence without traumatizing kids (unless you’re Brad Bird and you’re making “The Iron Giant”).

As long as the “monster” is not a person or an animal, it is perfectly acceptable to tear them to pieces on screen and still get the green light by the Motion Picture Association. This is the reason why the “Lord of the Rings” managed to get away with a PG-13 rating despite all the orc beheadings; they simply bleed green, so technically there’s no real blood on screen. This is also why so many kids’ action cartoons have robots as the villains. You can smash them, crush them, maim them, and blow them to bits, and it is entirely fine since they clearly aren’t “real”┬ápeople. Having Kong tear apart the jaw of a T-rex in Peter Jackson’s 2005 “King Kong” is fine because, well, dinosaurs are not around anymore and a T-rex could basically be interpreted as a monster. Kong graphically tearing Skar King to pieces is not acceptable, since he just looks like a regular (albeit giant) ape.

The “Godzilla” movies have never really been rated R, and there is zero need for them to start getting that rating now. Freezing Skar King and having him break into pieces just slightly off-screen fits just right within this movie as an alternative to graphic violence.

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