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Godzilla X Kong Director Added A Line Of Dialogue Based On His Experience With Psychedelics


At an early screening of the “Godzilla vs. Kong” follow-up, Wingard fielded some post-film questions from journalists (including /Film’s Bill Bria). When asked about Bernie’s uneasy jaunt to Hollow Earth, the director revealed that the character’s “I’m turning into water” reaction was influenced by his own experiences with psychedelics.

As Wingard told the assembled press:

“One of the only lines that I actually put in the movie was, ‘I’m turning into water.’ Because I’ve had that experience on psychedelics before. ‘Oh my God.’ I think I’ve actually said that before. You can only come up with a line like that from real experience.”

Interestingly, Bernie’s panic attack was also essential to making a tonal shift from the last film.

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