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Film Fans Must Watch Sugar, A Noir Love Letter And Killer Colin Farrell Showcase


Not only that, the missing girl Sugar is trying to find happens to be the granddaughter of a legendary movie producer, so the show effectively uses the film industry as a backdrop and a springboard to explore ideas about fame, legacy, responsibility, and corruption. But while many noir projects would use a framework like that to also interrogate its protagonist — often a drunken, down-on-his-luck P.I. with a terrible mistake or two in his past that haunts him — “Sugar” does something almost radical by making its hero an actual good man. He remembers the name of everyone he meets, asks service industry workers how their family members are (and means it), and takes a genuine interest in helping an unhoused man he encounters on the streets of L.A. He’s not a misanthrope that you’re begrudgingly rooting for — he actually seems like a good person, which is a refreshing approach to this type of character in this specific genre.

I got great joy out of watching Farrell and the show’s terrific supporting cast — Amy Ryan, James Cromwell, Kirby (formerly known as Kirby Howell-Baptiste), Anna Gunn, and Nate Cordrry — slip into these parts and roll around in the milieu of a modern noir story, but it’s the overt links to the past that make it stand out from its contemporaries. “Sugar” is a noir series for cinephiles, and as a show full of juicy twists and turns, trust me when I say you’re definitely going to want to be on the ride for this one.

The first three episodes premiere on Apple TV+ on April 5, 2024.

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