Editorial: Science is fighting against the New strains of coronavirus

Coronavirus is changing its nature by continuous gene mutation, developing new strains. So far we have been known about several of them, Brazil strain, UK strain, and SA strain. Several parts of the world could take over the challenge, controlled the pandemic situation partially, but still, several countries are suffering largely; India is one of those countries which is at the highest risk at this moment; massive numbers of people are getting infected by the new strains of coronavirus, every day.

Thanks-giving message to Science and Scientists

Thanks to science and scientists; several vaccines have already launched after the endless effort of scientists worldwide. Vaccination can’t stop the infection, but it can reduce the risk to some extent. Still, common people are worried about the new strains; if the mutations in coronavirus continue, will the vaccines work?

In this issue, we are presenting a couple of articles related to COVID-19, and one of those comes up with an answer to the above question.

New Strains of coronavirus: New challenges to the Scientists

One thing is very clear that coronavirus will continue to change its characteristics as the other viruses do. Maybe the upcoming strains will be more dangerous or less, but we need to stay prepared for any sort of future disaster. Of course, the ultimate solution is to build an optimized body immunity that can fight against all new strains of coronavirus. Science is under a new challenge, and scientists have undertaken the challenge.

Man-made disasters are even more threatning

Besides the interesting scientific information, in this issue, we are over-focused on health-related articles. It’s not only the COVID-19 but human health is being affected silently due to some other man-made issues; excessive use of synthetic chemicals everywhere is one of the most threatening causes. A recent report regarding the chemical accumulation in the human body leaves a big warning message.

Good health is the primary need for a happy life. Considering coronavirus as a natural disaster, science is steadily fighting to defeat it. On the other hand, science is being used as a destructive tool by a particular class of people. Accumulation of unknown chemicals in the human body is strong evidence of this fact. We must raise our voice against all bad uses of science because science should be considered only for human welfare and green earth where all the living organisms can live safely and sustainably.

Our mission is to raise a strong voice for the upliftment of green science. We are glad to see our thousands of audiences are now more engaged in our scientific articles but don’t be only a silent audience if you are from any scientific stream, rather share your valuable knowledge and spread the science. From our part, you are most welcome to contribute your scientific thoughts to SYNBIOB Science Magazine. We love to raise and spread your voice for sustainable science together.

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