Chemistry Crossword Puzzle (Issue 2)

Welcome to the “Chemistry Crossword Puzzle“!

In the previous issue, we presented a Chembio crossword puzzle that covered both biology and chemistry fields. Some of our readers requested to publish separate crossword puzzles for chemistry and biology. The solution of the previous

So, in the present issue, we are presenting a crossword puzzle specifically for the field of chemistry; we are looking to publish a biology-based word puzzle in the next issue.

it’s easy to solve if you got a basic knowledge of chemistry (BS/ B.Sc.). Most of the terms/ symbols/ abbreviations/ prefixes used here are generally covered within bachelor level (chemistry). Hope, you know how to play crossword puzzles, still, we suggest reading the following instructions to make it easier.

  • Across the puzzle, there are 8 words oriented horizontally, and another 8 words are oriented vertically.
  • Also, there are 2 lists of hints below to figure out the words.
  • Follow the hints and write the appropriate word at the proper place to solve it.
  • See side-by-side hints for finding only the horizontally (side-by-side) organized words.
  • See up-and-down hints for finding only the vertically (up to down) organized words.
  • The puzzle is not alphabet case-sensitive (upper case/ lower case).
  • Not only the words/terms but also abbreviations, prefix, sort symbols, prefix, etc., have been included here.

Note: The puzzle is not alphabet case sensitive, which means, upper case and lower case factor is not important here, you just need to find out the actual word.

Chembio Test (The Crossword Puzzle not case sensitive)
All are correct

Still, You are suggested to fill the blocks with upper case letters.

Now, let’s solve the Chembio test!

Chemistry Crossword Puzzle

chemistry crossword puzzle

Hints for the Chemistry Crosword Puzzle:


  1. The source of earth’s smell after the thunderstorm is ………… gas.
  2. Abbreviation of one of the natural amino acids.
  3. It is added to molten iron and steel to remove sulfur.
  4. Li-promoted hydrogenation of naphthalene can be performed via …………. reaction.
  5. An organoarsenic compound that acts as blister agent and lung irritant (used as a chemical weapon in 1st world war).
  6. Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling of dialkyl phosphite and an aryl halide to produce phosphonate can be performed via …………. reaction.
  7. A reaction between alkene having allylic hydrogen and a compound having double or triple bond; formation of a new σ-bond occurs at the end.
  8. This one can act as a cardiovascular signaling molecule; related to the 1998 Nobel prize in physiology/medicine.

Up & Down

  1. The element has the highest melting point among the platinum group of metals.
  2. Apple releases ………….. when it starts ripping.
  3. Molecular geometry of NO3¯ is …………….. planar.
  4. Unit of pressure.
  5. Asymmetric epoxidation of alkene using oxane can be performed via ………………. epoxidation reaction.
  6. A proteinogenic amino acid having a secondary amine.
  7. In Dakin reaction, R-C=O group converts to …………….. group.
  8. A sequence of nucleotides in a DNA molecule that codes for a protein.

Here is the solution to the Chem-bio crossword puzzle published in the previous issue.

Chemistry Word Puzzle solution

For hint-wise complete explanation VISIT HERE. It’s just the next page.

In the next issue I shall come up with biology-based Word puzzle. So, stay tuned and enjoy science.

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