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Bruce Lehrmann defamation trial LIVE: Chilling video emerges of Channel Seven insider Taylor Auerbach snapping his enemy’s golf clubs


An ex-Channel Seven producer has filmed himself smashing a set of golf clubs belonging to his former colleague, before sharing the video with his Instagram followers.

Taylor Auerbach, 32, has accused Mr Lehrmann of leaking confidential documents to Seven, including Brittany Higgins’ private texts, security footage, and audio clips – all initially obtained by police during the investigation into Ms Higgins’ rape allegations.

His claims traversed three affidavits, about 2000 pages in total, and contained enough evidence for Justice Michael Lee to reopen Mr Lehrmann’s defamation case against Network Ten and Lisa Wilkinson on Tuesday evening.

Mr Auerbach, who worked with Mr Lehrmann on Seven’s Spotlight program before he left the network late last year, will give evidence in the Federal Court on Thursday afternoon.

Now, a video has emerged showing Mr Auerbach smiling broadly while destroying a set of golf clubs belonging to another former Spotlight producer, Steve Jackson.

The video, which appeared to have been filmed in a basement towards the end of last year, began with Mr Auerbach waving happily at the camera.

He stared directly into the lens and snapped one club over his knee, holding the broken stick triumphantly in front of the camera before throwing it to the ground.

He picked another out of the bag and grimaced as he struggled to break it in the same fashion.

When the club would not snap on his thigh, he tried whacking it on the floor, and then on his leg again, and then against a wall, before it eventually broke when he smacked it on the corner of a brick wall.

He waved the broken stick at the camera before the footage ended.

Mr Auerbach then shared the video with his Instagram followers.

It is unclear why he targeted Mr Jackson’s golf clubs, but it is understood there was tension between the two when Mr Auerbach left Spotlight.

Tensions boiled over in March when Mr Jackson landed a job as the chief media advisor for NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb.

Within days of that announcement, Mr Auerbach had accused Mr Jackson of trying to cover up two $1000 Thai massages that were reportedly booked for himself and Mr Lehrmann on a Seven corporate credit card in November 2022.

At that time, Seven was trying to seduce Mr Lehrmann into signing the exclusive deal.

There is no suggestion Mr Jackson has done anything wrong, and he did not have anything to do with arranging the massages, or the use of the company credit card.

Mr Lehrmann denied the situation and called Mr Auerbach a ‘disgruntled employee’.

Mr Auerbach then sent Mr Lehrmann a concerns notice, which is the first step in defamation proceedings.

Network Ten used Mr Auerbach’s claims about Mr Lehrmann to request an emergency interlocutory hearing on Tuesday evening.

Justice Lee was set to give his judgement in the case on Thursday, but that date has been vacated in light of the new evidence.

Mr Auerbach flew from New Zealand to Sydney Tuesday night and was pictured in at the airport in a sheer black shirt.

He will give evidence at 2.15pm on Thursday.

Bruce Lehrmann arrives at the Federal Court of Australia in Sydney, Tuesday, February 13, 2024. (AAP Image/Bianca De Marchi) NO ARCHIVING 13162689  13265383

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