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Breaking Down The Real-Life Accuracy Of Netflix’s 3 Body Problem


File this under the category of “Things I Never Expected to See in Live Action.” In the third book, titled “Death’s End,” author Liu Cixin comes up with one of the most unbelievable plot developments in the entire trilogy (which, believe me, is saying a lot.) In order to learn about the alien fleet that’s already well on its way to Earth, a desperate plan is hatched to send a probe to intercept the advancing forces and gain intel on their enemies. As for who would actually be crazy enough to volunteer for such a mission? Someone with a terminal illness and an existential need to do something meaningful with their life, of course. And, incredibly enough, “3 Body Problem” adapts this entire subplot with almost complete fidelity through the character of Will Downing (Alex Sharp).

But what about scientific accuracy, you say? Not to burst anyone’s bubble or anything, but humanity obviously hasn’t yet managed to come up with a way to perfectly flash-freeze someone’s brain, load it up onto a rocket, and use the precise detonation of hundreds of atomic bombs to blast it light-years away in order to be studied by our eventual alien overlords. Even the biggest fans of the books would admit that this is one of the more imaginative sequences in the story, although it helps that the characters themselves — primarily Thomas Wade (Liam Cunningham) — share our skepticism. Nobody really expects such a scheme to work … although at least the logistics behind the “nuclear pulse propulsion” aspect are actually theoretically sound, based on a real-world government effort called Project Orion.

Otherwise, however, this is one of the instances in “3 Body Problem” where the “fi” in sci-fi ultimately wins out.

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