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Best VPN for Italy – CNET


We looked at multiple features when testing the best VPNs for Italy, including minor ones like streaming capabilities, customer service and user-friendliness. We listed the major ones that stuck out to us for an Italian VPN.


The biggest factor when choosing the best VPN for Italy is its privacy features. Every VPN will encrypt your data, but you should choose one with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption for the best security. A kill switch is great as it will disconnect your internet if your VPN connection drops. Lastly, getting a VPN with a no-logs policy will give you an extra layer of privacy, although it’s not a guarantee. 

Vast server network

To get the best out of your VPN when you travel, you’ll want more server options in each country you visit or where you’re from. That’s why we factored in the number of servers in the US and Italy when testing VPNs. The more locations, the more likely you’ll have a stable connection to stay anonymous.

Seamless speeds

VPN speeds depend on many variables, but having a VPN that has a track record of consistent speeds will be the best for traveling. Even the fastest VPNs have a speed reduction of 10% to 25%, but with a decent base internet speed, you won’t notice the slowdown. You’ll still have no problem connecting to new sites, streaming in 4K, uploading videos and photos or just browning the web in Italy.

Device compatibility

Most VPNs offer an app for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS devices so you’ll be covered no matter what you’re using while traveling to Italy. Not all VPNs provide apps or support for Linux, smart TVs, gaming consoles or streaming devices, so you’ll need to get the right VPN if you have one of these devices.


Most VPNs cost somewhere in the range of $10 to $15 monthly or $80 to $100 annually — some do have quarterly or multi-year packages. Getting an annual package will save you the most money, but if you’re looking for the cheapest VPN with basic features, Surfshark will be the best option we recommend. It’s a reputable service that offers decent Italian servers and great privacy features for the best price.

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