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Best Meta Quest 2 Accessories for 2024


I wanted a little bit more of a challenge when doing virtual reality workout games like Thrill of the Fight, Fitness VR, The Climb and The Climb 2, Beat Saber and many others, so I looked into getting some wearable weights. From my experience, I found that weighted gloves were the way to go. Just be warned that you should proceed at your own risk with these (you could injure yourself), but it certainly does increase the intensity of your workouts.

I originally had the Nayoya weighted gloves on this list, but those are now out of stock. These Ringside gloves are probably the best alternative. The 2-pound version adds a pound of weight to each of your hands, but that’s more than you think (I have only used 2-pound weighted gloves, not heavier versions). They fit inside the controllers fine. While they should fit most hands well, I can’t say they’ll be a good fit for everybody.

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