Paper Chromatography Experiment at home

Paper Chromatography Experiment in home

Paper Chromatography Experiment lies under the section of Elementary School science experiments. Although the textbook science of chromatography is taught at a higher standard, this simple and interesting experiment offers advanced practical knowledge on this topic. What is Chromatography? – The Basics In chemistry, chromatography is a very important and essential laboratory technique. It’s a … Read more

Emerging methodologies to access novel unnatural amino acids (May-June 2021)

Emerging methodologies to access novel unnatural amino acids

Several reports on amino acids and peptides functionalization have been reported in the month of May-June 2021. Two high-standard methods among those represented direct synthesis of novel unnatural amino acids, representing Cysteine Borylation and Enantioselective Difluoromethylation of natural amino acids. Both of these discoveries represent first-ever reports for the corresponding analogs and are expected to … Read more

Best Discoveries in Cross-coupling & C-H activation fields (May-June 2021)

Best Discoveries in Cross-coupling Reaction & C-H activation (May-June 2021)

100+ C-H activation and cross-coupling reaction methodologies have been developed and published in several journals in May-June 2021; A few among those are very innovative. Innovation is great for the upliftment of science, but from the point of practical utility and ultimate improvement of cross coupling / C-H activation reaction, we are highlighting here the … Read more

The Advent of Recombinant Peptides [Peptide Drug Discovery – Part 2]

The Advent of Recombinant Peptides [Peptide Drug Discovery – Part 2]

In the last issue, we had an in-depth discussion about the emergence and rise of peptide therapeutics. So far, we have been knowledgeable about the introduction of insulin, the burdens of the early days in peptide research, and the massive return of peptide drugs in the mainstream. In continuation to the previous article of the … Read more