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Apple Intelligence supported devices: Here’s the full list


Apple just announced Apple Intelligence during WWDC 2024. With Private Cloud Servers, Apple claims user data is never stored and used only at their owner’s request. Apple’s AI will process AI features on-device, just as expected. Apple’s various language models will process data on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac with the help of Apple’s A-series and M-series chips.

With all of that in mind, these are the devices that will have the latest AI features:

  • iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max
  • iMac M1 or newer
  • Mac mini M1 or newer
  • MacBook Air M1 or newer
  • MacBook Pro M1 or newer
  • Mac Studio M1 Max or newer
  • Mac Pro M2 Ultra or newer
  • iPad Air M1 or newer
  • iPad Pro M1 or newer

One of the new features is a Siri revamp. The personal assistant can get data from Mail, Messages, Safari, and other apps to provide answers with context. Apple Intelligence supported devices will also add the ability to rewrite an e-mail or a document by adding tone suggestions, checking your grammar, and more.

Apple’s AI will prioritize notifications, summarize text, and help you create images from the photos in your library. More interestingly, Siri will perform actions on your behalf in apps. That’s a killer feature for personal AI, and something rivals can’t really match. You’ll be able to give Siri simple instructions like “add this photo” to a different app, and Siri will do it.

Apple Intelligence also comes with a new App Intents API that developers will be able to use so Siri can perform actions within their apps. Initially, the smarter Siri will be restricted to Apple apps.

Below, you can learn more about all of the latest news from WWDC 2024.

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