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Anthropic hires Instagram cofounder as Chief Product Officer


Mike Kreiger has had an incredible career already. He co-founded and served as the Chief Technology Officer of Instagram as well as started and worked on Artifact, the AI news aggregation app, before it was recently acquired by Yahoo. Now, he’s venturing even deeper into the world of AI.

In a blog post, Anthropic announced that Kreiger has now joined the company and will now serve as its Chief Product Officer. According to the company, the former Instagram co-founder will “oversee Anthropic’s product engineering, product management, and product design efforts as we work to expand our suite of enterprise applications and bring Claude to a wider audience.”

In a statement, Kreiger specifically called out Anthropic’s focus on building “trustworthy AI systems” as one of the reasons for joining the company.

“I’ve long admired Anthropic’s relentless focus on building capable and trustworthy AI systems that empower humans and expand what’s possible with technology. I’m thrilled to join the exceptional team at Anthropic and partner with them to design and scale transformative products like Claude. The potential for AI to positively impact the world is immense, and I believe Anthropic has the talent, principles, and technology to help realize that potential.”

Dario Amodei, CEO of Anthropic, added that “Mike is a world-class engineer, builder, and leader. Mike’s background in developing intuitive products and user experiences will be invaluable as we create new ways for people to interact with Claude, particularly in the workplace. We feel fortunate to add Mike’s vision and expertise to our leadership team.”

While Anthropic has released Claude across the web and on iOS, the company has yet to see it take off like OpenAI’s ChatGPT has. It has a lot of competition including OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google, and will also likely soon be contending with new AI features from Apple when it announces things at its upcoming WWDC event in June. Google also just announced a ton of features for Gemini at I/O this week.

That said, Anthropic has a lot of funding (a lot of which comes from Amazon and Google), so it certainly has a chance to build market share in this new and ever-evolving market. Can Kreiger help create a consumer and business product out of the technology to rival Microsoft, Google, and Apple? We’ll see, but Antrhopic certainly has a shot with this hire.

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